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The Legislative Branch of USG is comprised of the Senate.  The Senate is the representative body of the Undergraduate Student Government. 

                              Legislative Branch

First Name

Last Name



Ryan Jurich ryan.jurich@siu.edu College of Liberal Arts
Francesca Burkett francesca.burkett@siu.edu College of Liberal Arts
Da'Ziya Faust daziya.faust@siu.edu College of Business and Analytics
Anthony Wachowski anthony.wachowski@siu.edu College of Business and Analytics
Christopher Richard christopher.richard@siu.edu College of Engineering, Computing, Technology and Mathematics
Rebecca Eagleton rebecca.eagleton@siu.edu College of Engineering, Computing, Technology and Mathematics
College of Agricultural, Life and Physical Sciences
College of Agricultural, Life and Physical Sciences
Alyssa McGarvey alyssa.mcgarvey@siu.edu School of Education
Jonathan Hentzel jonathan.hentzel@siu.edu College of Arts & Media
Dorcas Brou dorcas.brou@siu.edu College of Arts & Media
Exploratory Students
Exploratory Students
Katie Banasiak katherine.banasiak@siu.edu Fraternity and Sorority Life
Patrick Murphy patrick.a.murphy@siu.edu Fraternity and Sorority Life
Subeksha Baral subeksha.baral@siu.edu International Student Council
Madan Paudel madan.paudel@siu.edu International Student Council
Robert Hodges robert.hodges@siu.edu Black Affairs Council
Regine Morgan regine.morgan@siu.edu Black Affairs Council
Eduardo Munoz eduardo.munoz@siu.edu Hispanic Student Council
Catrina Moreno catrina.moreno@siu.edu Hispanic Student Council
Saluki Rainbow Network
Saluki Rainbow Network
Dalia Gonzalez dalia.gonzalez@siu.edu Latino Cultural Association
Courtney East courtney.east@siu.edu University Housing
Zachary Martine zachary.martine@siu.edu University Housing
Julia Parks julia.parks@siu.edu University Athletics
Erin Shukis erin.shukis@siu.edu Veterans
William Beaty william.beaty@siu.edu Non-Traditional Students
Non-Traditional Students
LaGina Crim jordan.crim@siu.edu Students with Disabilities
Students with Disabilities
Malik Pugh malik.pugh@siu.edu At-Large
Arianna Goss arianna.goss@siu.edu At-Large
Bill Ross william.ross@siu.edu At-Large
Amber Koteras amber.koteras@siu.edu At-Large
Alex Mann alexander.mann@siu.edu At-Large
Dylan Chambers  dylan.chambers@siu.edu At-Large
Kalan Lancaster kalan.lancaster@siu.edu At-Large
Matthew Laurent matthew.laurent@siu.edu At-Large
Jarrod Robles jarrod.robles@siu.edu At-Large
Stephan Harris stephan.harris@siu.edu At-Large
Demetrius Sykes demetrius.sykes@siu.edu At-Large
Marcellis Barretto marcellis.barretto@siu.edu At-Large
Jayla Butler jayla.butler@siu.edu At-Large
Jordan Burnham jordan.burnham@siu.edu At-Large