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The Legislative Branch of USG is comprised of the Senate.  The Senate is the representative body of the Undergraduate Student Government. A Senator Petition can be found here for any Vacant position.

Below is a list of each Senator in alphabetical order (by constituency).

                              Legislative Branch

First Name

Last Name



College of Liberal Arts
Sean Harris seanharris@siu.edu College of Liberal Arts
Tsang Zhi Hao erictzh96@gmail.com College of Business
Jordan Henderson jordan.henderson@siu.edu College of Business
Lincoln Kinley lincoln.kinley@siu.edu College of Engineering
Sarah Handrock s.handrock@siu.edu College of Engineering
Paxton Morse paxton.morse@siu.edu College of Agriculture Sciences
Andrew  Parton a.parton@siu.edu College of Agriculture Sciences
College of Education and Human Services
College of Education and Human Services
Dacia Brown daciabrownie@siu.edu College of Science
College of Science
College of Applied Science and Arts
College of Applied Science and Arts
College of Mass Communication and Media Arts
College of Mass Communication and Media Arts
Exploratory Students
Exploratory Students
Colton Newlin colton.newlin@siu.edu Inter-Greek Council
Anna Monson anna.monson@siu.edu Inter-Greek Council
Ihezuo Chukwuebaka vincent.ihezuo@siu.edu International Student Council
International Student Council
Toussaint  Mitchell tousmitch@siu.edu Black Affairs Council
Bethany  Peppers bpeppers@siu.edu Black Affairs Council
Hispanic Student Council
Hispanic Student Council
Saluki Rainbow Network
Codi Dugger cody.dugger@siu.edu Saluki Rainbow Network
Latino Cultural Association
Brandon Morgan brandon.morgan@siu.edu Thompson Point-Residence Hall Association
Thompson Point-Residence Hall Association
Mae Smith-Residence Hall Association
Schneider-Residence Hall Association
Neely-Residence Hall Association
University Hall-Residence Hall Association
Wall and Grand Apartments-Residence Hall Association
Sport Clubs
Non-Traditional Students
Non-Traditional Students
Students with Disabilities
Kenneth Eymer kenneth.eymer@siu.edu Students with Disabilities
Nathaniel  Lightle natelightle@siu.edu At-Large
Devina Lias devina.lias@siu.edu At-Large
Shakinah  Smith shakinahsmith@siu.edu At-Large
Kiera Yard kiera.yard@siu.edu At-Large
Dennis  Ramsook dramsook@siu.edu At-Large
Andrew  Dropik andrewdropik@siu.edu At-Large