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Every student enrolled at SIU Carbondale is considered a member of the student body based on their enrollment status at the university.  Members may participate in regular Senate Sessions, but are not allowed to vote.  Only recognized Senators in good standing have the right to vote.


USG is comprised of three branches; the Executive, Legislative and Judiciary.  Each branch is designed to support and balance the others.  No branch shall hold more power than another branch.


Is an elected body which is comprised of a President, Vice President, and Chief of Staff, Commissioners, Committee appointments and any other executive appointments except the Judicial Board. The President and their cabinet members must have a 2.7 cumulative GPA, be a full time SIUC student, and in good standing with Student Rights & Responsibilities.


Is comprised of a 48 seat Senate which consists of:

Department/ College/ Organization Number of Seats
College of Liberal Arts * 2 Seats
College of Business * 2 Seats
College of Engineering * (Engineering Student Council) 2 Seats
College of Agriculture Sciences * (Agricultural Student Advisory Council) 2 Seats
College of Education and Human Services * 2 Seats
College of Science * 2 Seats
College of Applied Science and Arts * 2 Seats
College of Mass Communication and Media Arts * 2 Seats
Exploratory Students * 2 Seats
Inter-Greek Council ** 2 Seats
International Student Council ** 2 Seats
Black Affairs Council ** 2 Seats
Hispanic Student Council ** 2 Seats
Residence Hall Association ***
  • Two Senators representing Thompson Point
  • One Senator representing Mae Smith
  • One Senator representing Schneider
  • One Senator representing Neely
  • One Senator representing University Hall
  • One Senator representing Wall and Grand
7 Seats
Sport Clubs *** (Sport Club Executive Board) 1 Seat
Veterans *** (Veterans' Organization) 1 Seat
Saluki Rainbow Network *** 1 Seat
Non-Traditional Students *** (The Association of Non-Traditional Students) 1 Seat
Disability Students *** 1 Seat
At-Large **** 10 Seats
Total Number of Seats 48
* Section 6.02 ** Section 6.03    *** Section 6.04    **** Section 6.05


Consists of five justices, three of which will be elected by a majority of the undergraduate student population.  One justice will be a senator elected by a majority of the Senate and one will be appointed by the President without consent of the Senate.