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Senator Information and Petition Packet

The Legislative Branch of USG is comprised of the Senate. The Senate is the representative body of the Undergraduate Student Government. There are a total of fifty senators representing various department across campus. At-Large senate positions are open to anyone in the Undergraduate Student Body.

A Senate vacancy, which is not selected by an umbrella organization, may be filled by a qualified candidate who successfully complete the Senator Petition. If a Senate position is full, a candidate may still complete the petition and be placed on a waiting list in case a Senate position becomes vacant.

A list of senator seats.

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Department No. of Senators
College of Agriculture, Life and Physical Sciences
(Selected by the Agricultural Student Council)
Two (2) Senators
College of Arts and Media Two (2) Senators
College of Engineering, Computing, Technology, and Mathematics
(Selected by the Engineering Student Council)
Two (2) Senators
College of Business and Analytics Two (2) Senators
College of Health and Human Sciences Two (2) Senators
College of Liberal Arts Two (2) Senators
School of Education One (1) Senator
School of Automotive One (1) Senator
School of Aviation One (1) Senator
Exploratory Students Two (2) Senators
Fraternity and Sorority Life Two (2) Senators
International Student Council Two (2) Senators
Black Affairs Council Two (2) Senators
Hispanic Student Council Two (2) Senators
Latino Cultural Association One (1) Senator
Saluki Rainbow Network Two (2) Senators
University Housing Two (2) Senators
University Athletics
(Selected by Sport Clubs)
One (1) Senator
Veterans Organization One (1) Senator
Non-Traditional Students One (1) Senator
Students with Disabilities Two (2) Senators
Total Fifty (50) Senators

Senator Qualifications and Restrictions are:

  1. A full-time undergraduate student.
  2. Have and maintain a minimum of a 2.5 cumulative GPA.
  3. Remain in good standing with Student Rights & Responsibilities.
  4. Cannot have been impeached from the Undergraduate Student Government in the last semester.

Senator Duties:

  1. A Senator is entitled to one vote.
  2. A Senator will represent the undergraduate students from his/her district and will perform all duties required by the position.
  3. All Senators are required to attend retreats held each semester.
  4. Senators will be required to hold at least one constituency meeting in their respective representative districts each month. 
  5. A Senator is required to attend every USG Senate session unless the Senator has found a proxy to take their place.
  6. Senators are only allowed two excused absences per semester.
  7. Senators are required to be on time to Senate meetings and to remain in attendance for the duration of said meetings.
  8. Senators are required to attend meetings in business casual attire.
  9. A Senator is expected to communicate efficiently and effectively with USG Executive Branch Members, Advisors, and their Constituents.
  10. Each Senator will be required to complete two office hours per week. Office hours are defined as any business being conducted on behalf of USG, including committee meetings. 
  11. Senators are required to serve on at least USG Committee, such as Student Funding Board, Internal Affairs Committee and/or External Affairs Committee.