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Position Descriptions


The President will represent the undergraduate student body and will perform all duties required by the office including providing for the faithful execution of all USG guidelines and policies. They appoint members of the Executive Branch and one member to the Judicial Branch. They propose an annual USG budget to the Senate. They have the power to recognize RSOs over the summer but will inform the Senate of these RSO approvals at the first meeting in the Fall Semester. The President can make executive expenditures from the USG account, which should be reported to the Senate at the next scheduled Senate meeting. They can establish Ad Hoc Committees as needed. They determine the duties of student employees for the Executive Branch and can assist in hiring for the Office of Student Engagement. They have the power to veto all legislative action.

Executive Vice-President

The Vice-President will assume the duties of the President in the event that the office becomes temporarily vacant. They will also chair executive committees as requested, sit on at least one campus committee, and preside over the Senate Meetings.

Vice President of Student Affairs

The Vice-President of Student Affairs is responsible for creating awareness for all prominent student issues and affairs on campus and in the community. They will also provide assistance, support, and representation to student groups as requested or deemed necessary by the Senate, constituency groups, and/or the Executive Board. They will also advise and give recommendations to the President, chair the executive committees as requested by the President, and will be the representative for USG on the Undergraduate Education Policy Committee.

Vice President of Finance

The Treasurer will oversee and control general operations of the Department of the Treasury. They are the chairperson of the Student Funding Board, and will regularly report to the Executive and Legislative Branches on the status of the Department of the Treasury and Student Funding Board.

Chief of Staff

The chief of staff will chair executive committees as requested and will sit on at least one campus Search Committee. They will ensure that all Senators are informed.

Executive Appointment/Assistant

An executive appointment can be made by the President and shall perform the duties as requested by the President and General Executive Board. They are to be held to the same standard(s) as all other Executive Board members.  


The advisor(s) of the USG shall be an appointed member of Student Affairs. This person(s) serves as an ex-officio member of USG and may sit and support any USG committee, board, commission, or council.

2024-2025 Executive Board


Penny Bordewick

Executive Vice President:

Audrey Gulley

Vice President of Student Affairs:


Vice President of Finance:

Jacob Hall

Chief of Staff:

Sarah Michalak

Executive Assistant:


USG Advisor:

Dr. Tena Bennett, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Auxiliary Enterprises & Student Affairs

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