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The Legislative Branch of USG is comprised of the Senate.  The Senate is the representative body of the Undergraduate Student Government. A Senator Petition can be found here for any Vacant position.

Below is a list of each Senator in alphabetical order (by last name).

Legislative Branch Senators
First Name Last Name Email Constituency
HAILEY DUVALL hailey.duvall@siu.edu College of Agriculture Sciences
ELIZABETH LEWIS emlewis96@siu.edu College of Agriculture Sciences
KIANNA HURD khurd@siu.edu Black Affairs Council
AMANDA DAVIS amanda.davis@siu.edu Black Affairs Council
MATTHEW SCHMIDLIN mattsm21@siu.edu  College of Engineering
COLTON TRINA coltontrina@siu.edu College of Engineering
KIMBERLY RIESELBACH kimita.rieselbach@siu.edu  Hispanic Student Council
MARISSA JACKSON marissa.n.jackson@siu.edu Hispanic Student Council
LANCE WILLIS willis94@siu.edu Inter-Greek Council
JENNIFER BEYKIRCH jenna.beykirch@siu.edu Inter-Greek Council
RUNYU ZHANG  peterzhang@siu.edu International Student Council
LAKSHILA WANIGASINGHE  lakshila.w@siu.edu International Student Council
ANDREW DEZANEK adezanek14@gmail.com Residence Hall Association (Mae Smith)
TOUSSAINT MITCHELL  tousmitch@siu.edu  Residence Hall Association (Neely)
TREYONNE RAWLS treyonne.rawls@siu.edu Residence Hall Association (Schneider)
Vacant (Selected by RHA) Residence Hall Association (Thompson Point)
Vacant (Selected by Veterans' Organization) Veterans
Vacant (Selected by The Association of Non-Traditional Students) Non-Traditional Students
CECILIA MIRANDA cecilia.miranda@siu.edu Saluki Rainbow Network
DANIEL NUÑEZ nunezdaniel0014@gmail.com Saluki Rainbow Network
ELIJAH MIHALIK elim55555@siu.edu Latino Cultural Association
KANE HUDSON kane.hudson@siu.edu At-Large
RAHEAM HUDSON  raheamhudson@siu.edu At-Large 
CHASE BRIDGES chase.bridges@siu.edu At-Large 
DAMARIS GONZALEZ  gonzalezdamaris@siu.edu At-Large 
JOSHUA EMMANUEL  ayomide.emmanuel@siu.edu At-Large 
VINCENT GRAVES vincent.graves@siu.edu At-Large 
JESSICA GIACOBBI  jessica.giacobbi@siu.edu At-Large 
Vacant At-Large 
Vacant At-Large 
Vacant At-Large 
KEVIN LINDSAY klindsayn1242u@siu.edu At-Large 
JOHN KIRKWOOD  john.kirkwood@siu.edu  College of Applied Science and Arts
MICHAEL VELAZQUEZ  mvelaz46@siu.edu  College of Applied Science and Arts
WILLIAM SCHEFELBEIN  wschefelbein@siu.edu  College of Business
DALTON HOCH  dalton.hoch@siu.edu  College of Business
GABRIEL SWIESZCZ  gts624@siu.edu  College of Education and Human Services
TREBOR MANN trmann@siu.edu  College of Education and Human Services
ERIK SABO  esabo09@siu.edu  College of Liberal Arts
NICHOLAS SHEREOS nick.shereos@siu.edu College of Liberal Arts
BRANDON KYLES  brandon.kyles@siu.edu  College of Mass Communication and Media Arts
DARREN JACKSON  darrenjackson@siu.edu College of Mass Communication and Media Arts
JOSHUA EMMANUEL ayomide.emmanuel@siu.edu College of Science
BRANDEN BABNIK branden.babnik@siu.edu College of Science
STEPHEN HIATT-LEONARD  shiattleonard@siu.edu  Disability Students
COLBY MENEFEE colby.menefee@siu.edu Exploratory Students
Vacant (Students who have not decided their major)   Exploratory Students