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About The Undergraduate Student Government

The Undergraduate Student Government (USG) represents the undergraduate student body at Southern Illinois University Carbondale in all matters pertaining to student welfare, student activities and student life.

USG also voices the concerns of students in the planning and administration of the university at large. The government is divided into three separate branches to better administer the student body – Legislative, Judicial, Executive.

The undergraduate student government is a recognized constituent body of the SIU Board of Trustees. USG in its representative capacity will communicate to the student body: the aims, policies and the mission of the university upper administration.

USG partners with RSO’s to support student outreach efforts. Our hope is to help students connect with the specific RSO that best represents their interests.  When a student gets involved it has a far reaching positive impact, both forwarding the goals of the RSO while enhancing the overall student experience at SIUC.